Matt Evans Golf - Lesson options. All are tailored to the individual

'Improving your game is my aim!'

Individual Lesson £25

One on one 30 minute lesson giving the pupil a better understanding of their golf swing and what improvements will help to lower their scores and handicap.

Enhanced Individual Lesson £50

One on one 60 minute lesson developing greater understanding of your golf swing and your faults. Developing drills and swing thoughts to lower your scores and become a better player. A full length session to ensure that any changes are understood and implemented.

Short Game Improvement £75

Improving the whole short game in this 90 minute session we look at pitching, chipping and putting. The most important area within the game to save shots and lower your score. This is a must for any golfer looking to improve their handicap.

On Course Lesson £75

Learning how to improve your course management. Playing to your strengths and accommodating your weaknesses. Swinging the golf club and playing golf are two separate skills. If your game has improved but your scores have not this is the session for you. In this 90 minute session learn to play golf like the tour pros do.

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